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Bioguard won the Best New Release Veterinary consumables products for the 2020 WESAVC online show

In a contest for the best new release veterinary products of 2020 launched by WESAVC “Eastern and Western Small Animal Clinical Veterinarian Conference”.  Bioguard has won with the most vote for the best new release veterinary consumable products and among the top 10 general new release products.

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The Bioguard Canine Babesia gibsoni Ab Test & Bioguard Feline Blood Typing Kit which are 2 products that Bioguard launched this year has made a good impression among pet professionals who participated in this big event, there were several big brands along with wonderful new release technology this year.
We are proud to be among the winners of this event, Bioguard has proven once again his capability and professionalism in the pet care industry.
Bioguard as our slogan stated “Science for Animal Care” will continue to provide the best and the latest quality products in order to meet the flexibility and convenience for all veterinarians.

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Peritonitis Detection kit
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The VETlabs Peritonitis kit which is manufactured and developed by Bioguard Corporation, this kit will immediately benefit the veterinarians to differentiate a transudate from an exudate. When the exudate contains FIP reaction-positive proteins, and it forms an effusion drop, which precipitates in the reaction solution. The formation of precipitated products, teardrop-shaped, mists, or smears can be observed during the test. In contrast, the transudate will completely dissolve in the reaction solution during the sedimentation. (FIP) Detection Kit is simple, fast, and reliable to detect or exclude a FIP infection in cats.

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Bioguard Attends 19th Second General Meeting of TCVA
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The Bioguard Corporation has attended the 19th Second General Meeting and Continuing Education and Training of Veterinarians on July 26, 2020, at Beitun District, Taichung City.

Strictly following the COVID 19 prevention measures, members of the TCVA gathered. Booths were installed to display different veterinary products. In Bioguard’s post, high quality veterinary diagnostic kits were showcased. Stationed also were the corporation’s veterinary experts to provide professional assistance to visiting participants of the said event.

The annual gathering of the association strengthens the veterinary industry in Taiwan, specifically in Taichung City. 

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What Will the Pet Industry Look Like After the COVID-19 Pandemic Subsides?
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When is everything going to get back to normal? That is the multitrillion-dollar question. The multitrillion-dollar answer is increasingly looking like maybe never.

When the COVID-19 pandemic (or at least its first wave) abates and the economy reopens, it will be not with a bang but in baby steps—taking months, if not years—and varying from one locality to the next, depending on how soon individual businesses gauge the time to be right and U.S. citizens feel safe venturing back out. Even then, following an economic downturn of historic proportions, many people in the U.S. will have no job to return to. 

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