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Bioguard Participates in the 12th WESAVC
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The Bioguard participates in the 12th

East and West Small Animal Clinical Veterinary Conference in China on November 24-26, 2020.

Gathering the Small Animal Veterinary Industry in China, the event was held simultaneously with the exhibition and virtual courses wherein, invited well-known veterinary specialists and experts from Taiwan presented.

In preparation for the said event, Bioguard accommodated the lecture recordings in Taiwan. Meanwhile, the company is also present for the exhibition. Safety protocols and guidelines were strictly observed. With established booths, Bioguard presented their export quality veterinary products.

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As one of the biggest conferences for small animal veterinary, a lot of participants from all over the world come to China yearly. However, due to this year’s situation with the pandemic, the event was held in simultaneous approach, in partnership with Bioguard Corporation. 

The event is expected to build a platform of science and technology communication for small animal veterinarians; to facilitate the continuing education development for small animal veterinarians, promoting small animal clinical veterinary technology with international standards, and enhancing the overall level of Chinese small animal veterinarians.


WSAVA warns of corona mutation impact from mink

The WSAVA has warned the mutation of COVID-19 in Danish mink could have implications for the efficacy of human vaccines and lead to the spread of the virus to companion animals.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 214 human cases have been identified in Denmark with SARS-CoV-2 variants associated with farmed minks, including 12 cases with a unique variant.

Referred to as the “cluster 5” variant, the new strain of SARS-CoV-2 contains combinations or changes to the spike protein of the virus that have not previously been observed and have raised fears that Denmark could become the epicentre for the emergence of a new outbreak of the virus.

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Find out more about Ticks and Canine Babesiosis in the Free “Continuous Learning with Bioguard” Class

This is the last reminder that you’ve been invited to attend the “Continuous learning with Bioguard”. A free online course brought to you by Bioguard as an effort to combat the threat of infectious diseases and to help animal health professional stay updated on the new trends, and techniques in the field of veterinary.

In case you’re not registered for this wonderful event yet, please register for free in the ONLINE education class here.

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The course will be focused on “The Effect of Ticks and Canine Babesiosis in Nowadays Environment and How to Prevent and Treat Canine Babesiosis”. Conducted by Dr. Yung- Tsun Lo, DVM, Ph.D., an expert in virology, immunology, molecular biology, and clinical microbiology.

If you’re already registered, please click here to join the class

Time of the event:

   30 November, 9 AM Taipei (GMT+8)

   30 November, 1 AM  London (GMT)

   29 November, 8 PM  New York (GMT-5)

If you are a veterinary practitioner or animal health professional, you should make every effort to attend this online course.

"Continuous learning with Bioguard", to your success...

Bioguard Feline Blood Typing Test is based on Agglutination Reaction not in Antigen-Antibody Reaction

The blood types of cats are composed of mainly A, B, and AB. Type A is the most common, type B is rarer, and type AB is rarest. Type A erythrocytes express N-glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc), type B erythrocytes express N-acetylneuraminic acid (Neu5Ac) and type AB erythrocytes express both Neu5Gc and Neu5Ac. Instead of using antigen-antibody reaction for feline blood typing via monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies recognizing the antigens on erythrocytes, Bioguard’s “Feline Blood Typing Kit” is based on the agglutination reaction that occurs when the blood sample interacts with the agglutinin/lectin in the test windows.

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