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The pandemic has caused shortages and supply-chain disruptions that are widespread and significant. Our latest report provides expert insights on how to make your supply chain more resilient, sustainable and environmentally friendly, without sacrificing competitiveness.

Leading the Debate

Pandemic Disturbs Supply and Demand

The pandemic continues to disrupt established supply chains. The restaurant ‘’Nando’s’’ has announced a temporary closure of nearly 50 restaurants, due to a chicken shortage. This problem is a critical challenge for the company, and without any doubt, we are asking whether the supply and demand could have been better managed.

The pandemic has not only affected the world’s economy, but also public health and healthcare systems. It started with sanitisers and masks, but now we are at a different stage of the pandemic, and many demands on the global supply chain are focused on vaccination supply and distribution, leading the supply chain to become a determinant of health and safety.

A more Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain

Supply chains contribute significantly to a firm’s carbon footprint and can amount to four times the organisation’s own operational emissions. But still too few include their supply chain when considering their environmental impact. How can we hold businesses to account for their carbon footprint? 

One thing is for sure, customers are getting increasingly aware of the quality and environmental footprint of their own purchases. This is putting pressure on retail and e-commerce to manage the so-called last-mile well – the last part of the journey when the goods are delivered directly to the customer.

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