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Bioguard is Officially Introducing the Feline VLabs 3X

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Bioguard is officially announcing Feline 3X which is a combination of FeLV Ag/ FIV Ab/ FCoV Ab test manufactured by Bioguard for the detection of antigen leukemia virus, antibody of immunodeficiency and Coronavirus in Feline’s blood.

The retroviruses (FeLV and FIV) and Feline Coronavirus infection (FCoV) are considered major causes of mortality in cats. Bioguard has develop the Feline 3X to help veterinarians rapidly diagnose suggestive symptoms of retroviruses and/or coronaviruses.

Bioguard Feline Blood Typing Test

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The blood types of cats are composed of mainly A, B, and AB. Type A is the most common, type B is rarer, and type AB is rarest. Type A erythrocytes express N-glycolylneuraminic acid (Neu5Gc), type B erythrocytes express N-acetylneuraminic acid (Neu5Ac), and type AB erythrocytes express both Neu5Gc and Neu5Ac. Instead of using antigen-antibody reaction for feline blood typing via monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies recognizing the antigens on erythrocytes, Bioguard’s “Feline Blood Typing Kit” is based on the agglutination reaction that occurs when the blood sample interacts with the agglutinin/lectin in the test windows.

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UK veterinarians grapple with pet vaccine shortage

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Veterinarians in the United Kingdom are having to ration vaccines that protect cats and dogs from a range of deadly diseases amid a national supply squeeze that is expected to last for months.

Some vaccine manufacturers are pinning the shortage on a surge in demand caused by a pandemic pet boom and the clearing of a backlog of appointments following an easing of lockdowns.

The pet vaccine shortage also comes as the UK’s recent exit from the European Union worsens supply-chain bottlenecks that are disrupting the transportation of everything from gasoline to chicken meat.

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