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Wormholedeath Records is proud to release the following amazing new albums worldwide:


"Reborn" EP

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Available on all digital platforms HERE

"Here or elsewhere, somewhere, someplace....
USQUAM explores the secrets of dark musics, inspired by the observation of a world oscillating between decline and progress.
A clever mix of BLACK & DEATH metal, both WILD and MELODIC..."


"The Frame"

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Available on all digital platforms HERE

The frame is a concept album about a protaganist living in a dystopian system where certain values have been hijacked creating a world where ultra-competition, ultra-individualism and over-consumption are virtues. To not want to be part of it or to fail, is to be part of the "misfits". Each song describes the dogmas of this System through the eyes of the protagonist who progressively questions its workings and its "virtues", until his exclusion from the System for his contrary thoughts.

The album ends with an injunction from the protagonist to change the System and to join him in this change.



"Days Go By" Official Video

Oxidize - Days Go By - YouTube

"Days Go By" is a track taken from Oxidize'critically acclaimed album "Dark Confessions", released on 22 05 2020 via Wormholedeath worldwide.

"Dark Confessions" album stream/download : 


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